About Mock School


Who we are

  • Founded in 2015, the Mock School is a application platform which helps students overcome the fear of examination and evaluate themselves.
  • Mock School is the opportunity for candidates / participants to take a practice or mock version of an exam before they take the real exam. Mock School has huge benefits for all stakeholders.
  • Mock School provides all kind of online and offline software solutions to the institutes.

What We Do

  • On other hand Mock School helps in branding of institutes by providing them a licensed App in the institute’s name . It’s a kind of value addition for the institutes.
  • We make independent Android App for institutes/schools so they timely upload the tests unit wise or chapter wise.
  • Students/parents can download the app and evaluate themselves or their children. It is very easy and convenient way to evaluate students

Why Mock School

  • As we already know that in today’s competitive era parents do not have enough time to spend on their children.
  • They have money to send their children in good schools but do not have the time to check his progress. Mock School helps to overcome this issue by providing a mobile app.
  • Its easy to check the status of your child’s knowledge by asking them some objective questions from their syllabus.