Mock School app comes with following features which will help you to gives a leverage to you upon your competitors.

  • Customize Mobile Android App for a Quiz or Mock Tests,Practice Questions ,Skill Evaluation App
  • Unique Solution to administrate every Questions & Answers with a Simple Excel sheet.
  • All Questions & Answers are stored in Password protected Sheet. This sheet can sync with any public cloud.
  • Each level can have specific Time period for completing the Quiz which is configurable.
  • Multiple choice questions with four options. Supports dynamic sync for Text questions . Timer will close automatically at end of the Exam or Quiz.
  • Can add images to the quizzes.
  • Categorized Subjects/topics and Levels on each subjects/Topics.
  • Each Subject/topic can have automatic Alphabetic Flat icons,all parameters are set customize for change.
  • Option to Traverse to the next level exam or quiz after completing the level.
  • Exam or Quiz can work through offline.
  • Progressive status bar while taking up the quiz
  • Share the Score through social networks.

Advantage of Mock School

  • Focus only on filling the excel sheet with questions and answers.
  • Every Quiz can be administered with Excel Sheet including the time required for Quiz.
  • Launch your App and make a faster move for Market.
  • App Questions can be managed by any Non Technical people also.
  • Monetize the App and customized Integrated version.
  • Full Source Code will be provided and also written comments on all code for understanding the code.
  • Workspace compatible to Android Studio will be provided in the downloaded package.

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